Bala Cynwyd


ala Cynwyd is a village in Lower Merion Township. Bala Cynwyd lies in the historic Welsh Tract of Pennsylvania, and was settled in the 1680's by Welsh Quaker settlers, who named it after the Welsh town of Bala and the Welsh village of Cynwyd. Originally, it was 2 separate towns, Bala and Cynwyd. Today it is commonly treated as a single community with the same Post Office. Bala Cynwyd is a residential community bordering Philadelphia along City Line Avenue. The high rise office buildings along City Line Avenue are home to Philadelphia television and radio stations. Bala Cynwyd offers boutique shopping along the historic areas and luxury and national chains can be found on City Line Avenue.

Lower Merion Academy, St. Asaph Episcopal Church, and St. John's Episcopal Church have historic significance and are located within Bala Cynwyd. Lower Merion Township operates schools, playgrounds and public services in the village. Septa's R6 Regional Line transports passengers to Philadelphia.

The Neighborhood Club of Bala Cynwyd is the oldest Civic Association on the main Line. Residents of Bala Cynwyd work to preserve the residential character of their neighborhood and to promote civic welfare and community spirit.

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