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The Barnes Foundation Arboretum
300 North Latch's Lane
Merion, PA 19066-1729

The Barnes Foundation houses one of the finest collections of French, early Modern and Post-impressionist paintings in the world. Dr. Barnes desire to provide nondiscriminatory access to art and education led to the creation of the Barnes Foundation in 1922. Dr. Barnes and his wife Laura purchased a 13 acre arboretum that would become the site for the gallery and their home. Dr. Barnes personally installed the gallery to illustrate his many theories of art. Today, The Barnes Foundation's 3 year Art and Aesthetics Program teaches students to interpret the visual world and think critically.

The Arboretum at the Barnes Foundation has a living collection of more than 2500 species of woody plants. Laura Barnes created the Arboretum School at the Barnes Foundation to guide students to better appreciate the aesthetic appeal of plants and gardens, while providing a sound scientific base in botany, horticulture and landscape design. Today, the arboretum offers a 3 year Horticulture Program for adults.

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