Willistown Township

Willistown Township is located on 18 square miles of beautiful countryside in Chester County. Malvern and Paoli are located within Willistown Township as is the Borough of Malvern, a unique small town village of only 1.3 square miles. The center of the village has many quaint antique and gift shops for your shopping pleasure.

During most of the early years of the township, education was begun and handled by the Quaker Society, in what was to become the village of Sugartown. Sugartown was a thriving community in the early 19th century crossroads village and was the township seat of government. Today, the township administration and police office are located across the street from Historic Sugartown.

On the evening of September 20, 1977 British forces led a surprise attack against General Anthony Wayne's encampment near the Paoli Tavern. When it was over 53 were killed and 113 wounded. Those who were killed in the Massacre were buried at the Paoli Memorial Grounds, presently located in Malvern Borough.

Willistown is also home of The Radnor Hunt Club one of the oldest recognized hunts in the United States. For over 100 years, Radnor Hunt has been the focal point of an active sporting community, carrying not only its traditional activity of foxhunting, but also encouraging a great many other activities involving horses, horsemanship and good sportsmanship.

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